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About Us 

Just-3D-it, was founded by Kosi Emmanuel Chukwujindu Ph.D., a trained Architect with over 14 years of combined experience in BIM, sustainable design and construction management.

A university lecturer and author of the bestselling 48 Laws of Architectural Consulting. Kosi actively leads the visualization team at Just-3D-it, providing bespoke visualization support to an ever-growing client base.

Our Vision

Our over-arching vision is to be a leading BIM company delivering timely, tailored visualization services to architects and developers worldwide

Our mission is to deliver excellent-shot visualization services to architects and engineers helping them land profitable commissions, always ON TIME!

We believe that a timely presentation converts more than a tardy one. Why keep potential leads waiting when you can strike an easy balance between time, skill and innovation. We strive to get all 3D requests ready within 24-72 hours of submission because your win is our win too 😇😇

We understand that drawings are private and copyrighted material, so we have a clear-cut policy on how we handle your drawings. We uphold privacy to the utmost and priorotize...Read More

Our Services
  • Architectural stills
  • Architectural walkthroughs
  • Animations
  • Building simulations
  • General consulting
Our Mission
  • Deliver excellent-shot, timely visualization services to help architects and creators present ideas better.


Take advantage of our affordable visualization services to land profitable commissions

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