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Terms & Conditions

Here are some important things you need to bear in mind to remain legally complaint with us.

No Alterations

All drawings submitted to just3dit.com.ng are treated ‘as-is’. We do not alter to correct, edit or transfer these drawings for any purpose other than that necessary toward exporting or file conversion for modelling or rendering purposes.

Copyright Exoneration

It is the customers duty to ensure that they submit only materials which they directly own or posses the right to distribute, therefore customers expressly agree to indemnify us of any third-party claims relating to drawing copyright infringement or violation.


Ammendments or reviews after the original work had been approved by client and rendered shall attract a 50% discount for the first two reviews. discount Future alterations, remodel and re-rendering of previous projects attract a discount of 50% of the original price. Subsequent reviews of the same project will be treated as new project.

Model Approval

Extruded models must be approved by the customer before it is sent in for ‘final baking‘. Models not approved by the customer may not be attended to and will be deleted from the system after 72 hours.

Payment Guidelines

An advance payment equivalent to at least 65% of the basic charge is required on all 3D requests. Drawings uploaded but not advanced for shall not be attended to and will deleted after 24hrs. On approval of the extruded model(s) customers are expected to make payment to offset balance payment. Completed works will only be sent on confirmation of this compliance. Accepted payment methods include bank transfer or online on this website via Remitta. Please see our Architectural 3D services Pricing Table

Do you still have further worries that were not addressed

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Value-Added Services

We continuously improve our Free services such as generation of roof plan, generation of elevations and unlimited 3D views for each project to accommodate dynamic industry trends, however theses services are not binding on this contract. They are services offered and received in good faith.